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"NATURA" playful exhibition for children (2-7 years old)

Play and discover the nature with new eyes!

From 2 to 7 years old

10.05am | 11.40am | 2.35pm | 4.10pm

75 minutes - Limited number shift

Child: €10 (+€1 pre-sale)
Adult: €8 (+€0,50 pre-sale)


MUBA invites you to discover the exhibition-game forchildren aged 2 to 7.

The Nature exhibition was created with the aim of broadening the capacity for observation, providing tools that facilitate the exploration of nature and proposing activities and experiences that cannot be found "outside" in a traditional naturalistic situation.

In particular, the exhibition-game intends to offer suggestions with the aim of stimulating curiosity through four categories of sensory perception space, matter, shape and color declined in as many areas of play.



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All’interno del museo, tutte le persone dai 6 anni compiuti dovranno obbligatoriamente indossare la mascherina chirurgica o mascherina FFP2.
I bambini partecipano sotto la completa responsabilità degli adulti che li accompagnano.

A Natura si gioca senza scarpe per minimizzare la contaminazione proveniente dall’esterno.

ATTENZIONE: all'interno dello spazio verrete divisi un gruppi. Se desiderate venire con amici vi consigliamo di prenotare in un'unica soluzione.


During the visit, adults and children will be accompanied by our educators  to discover all the four interactive playful exhibits.




curated by Barbara Zoccatelli


The installation is dedicated to the shapes in nature, focusing in particular on the theme of recursiveness. The line, the circle, the radial and the spiral are examples of shapes that often come back in different natural elements and that can be explored here with the hands, the eyes and the whole body. The interaction with large modular paper structures, reminiscent of the origami of Japanese tradition, allows to modify the shape from time to time, exploring the recurrences. The paper works are designed and created by Daniele Papuli, a sculptor in dialogue with the subjects, the space, the places.



curated by Monica Guerra


The installation reinterprets the concept of "wunderkammer", declining it as a room of everyday wonders that nature offers and inviting to encounter natural matter as a living material. The different natural elements are investigated through the senses, in a survey that goes from macro to micro and back, also through the use of ingots. This game, through observation and exploration from different perspectives, allows a contact and a deeper knowledge on the materials of nature. The architects Lula Ferrari and Lola Ottolini oversaw the design of the structure, interpreting this room of wonders in a contemporary key. The exhibited collections have seen the active participation of the public in the procurement of natural materials that feed the exhibit.



curated by Elisa Testori


What would happen in a meadow if an ant suddenly became very large and a hedgedog became very small? In this installation the children find themselves playing in an out-of-scale meadow where they "hide" animals and plants declined in three different sizes. From time to time, depending on the choice of the elements and their positioning, the landscape assumes an ever-changing aspect, leaving the possibility of observing a constantly changing space and of investigating the relationships existing between the elements that compose it. The installation sees the participation of the set designer Isadora Bucciarelli, who designed and planned the exhibit.



curated by Francesca Valan


A path that winds through eight steps in which children discover how in nature there are different and possible shades of natural colors. Because there is not a single blue sky or green lawn, but each color has various shades and the possibilities are endless if only the surrounding nature is carefully observed. The installation sees the support of Rosella Cilano, dyer and President of the Associazione Colore e Tintura Naturale M.E. Salice who oversaw the creation of a sample of yarns, present in the exhibition, dyed exclusively with natural colors. An instrument that explains how nature itself is able to "create" color, providing man with ideal pigments to dye and paint.



Natura is composed by four different exhibit, curated by MUBA and by a un scientific commitee, composed by four professionals, each of whom has deepened and reworked one of the perceptual categories. 

The Scientifc Commitee is composed by:


  • Fabrizio Bertolino Pedagogical Researcher at Università della Valle d’Aosta
  • Monica Guerra Researcher and lecturer at the Department of Human Sciences for Education at the University of Milano-Bicocca and President of Bambini e Natura
  • Elisa Testori Editor and producer for the creative and cultural industries
  • Francesca Valan Colour Designer 
  • Barbara Zoccatelli Pedagogical and training coordinator (University of Trento)


Each installation also sees the support of some professionals from the world of art, set design, architecture and fashion:


  • Isadora Bucciarelli set designer
  • Rosella Cilano Dyer and President of Associazione Colore e Tintura Naturale M.E. Salice
  • Lula Ferrari e Lola Ottolini architects
  • Daniele Papuli artist