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Come funziona?

MUBA does not have a permanent exhibition to visit but has organized activities with fixed entrance times and closed numbers.
The museum is open to families on weekends and holidays.
Online pre-sale purchase is highly recommended.

We recommend checking the online calendar on the homepage to find out what activities are scheduled for the day.


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Is Bistro available?

The museum has a refreshment area, Rotonda Bistro, where it is possible to enjoy 0 km food prepared by the kitchen, drink a cappuccino or an aperitif surrounded by the greenery of the park.
Management is entrusted to an external company. 
For info:
Tel. 388 8593490

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Is it necessary to buy the ticket online?

It is strongly recommended to buy tickets online in the BUY section while seats last.
You can check how many tickets are still on sale up to 30 minutes before the start of the activity.

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Why does the adult also pay the entrance fee?

The proposed activities are designed to encourage play and interaction between adults and children: adults are invited to play and experiment together with their children. The adult ticket has a reduced price compared to the child's ticket.

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Why is it not possible to click on a greyed-out date in the 'BUY' section?

If the date is shaded grey, it means that availability has ended or that the requested activity is not scheduled for that day. Conversely, if it is coloured green, it means that there are still places available.

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How do I know which activities are planned?

To find out what activities are scheduled, we invite you to consult the calendar.
By clicking on the date you are interested in you can see which activity is scheduled.

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How can I communicate with the Museum to get information?

Please write us at or on our Facebook page. One of our operators will answer as soon as possible.

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How to get to the MUBA?

MUBA is located at 12 Via Enrico Besana, Milan, 20122. You can reach the museum by car or by public transport. To calculate the fastest route by public transport you can consult the ATM website, while to plan your route by car we invite you to calculate your own route


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Do you organize child's birthday party?

Unfortunately MUBA does not organize birthday parties.

If you desiderate to purchase tickets for a weekend, please note that at least one adult for every 3 children is required to be present at MUBA's activities.
MUBA's Bistro does not organize birthday parties.

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I have a child under the minimum age for the activity, can I still participate?

It is strongly discouraged to allow a child under the minimum age to participate in the activity, as the set-up is specially designed for ages 2-7. 
A child under the recommended age who accompanies a family member in the target group will not be required to purchase an entrance ticket but may only participate as an accompanying person. 
To make the visit easier, it may be helpful for you to use a baby carrier to carry your younger child.

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I bought the ticket online, but I am unable to come, what can I do?

It will be possible to give the ticket to friends, relatives and acquaintances. 
Just show your tickets at the cash desk on the day of your visit.

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