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About us


MUBA is a center for the development and dissemination of cultural projects devoted to childhood.

MUBA, through constant research and quality work, wishes to promote in children an open outlook at the world. 

MUBA is a private museum that does not receive public funding.



Play, do, think, grow is what drives MUBA every dau in the construction and planning of the activities.

Children experience, know and learn through play and direct experience, but as well as being a cultural center that encourages children's creative thinking, MUBA addresses all the ages proposing cultural projects including visits dedicated to high schools and universities, training dedicated to teachers, educators and cultural operators and thematic conferences related to temporary exhibitions.



MUBA is open to families with visits organized at fixed hours of entry and a closed number of 75 minutes. The programming may vary. Please always consult the calendar on



MUBA has been the first museum in Milan to propose great exhibitions, unique for dimensions and number of visitors. It is located inside the spaces of La Rotonda della Besana and it is surrounded by a municiapl park available for all the citizens.


MUBA has always carried out numerous collaborations and participates in international calls to guarantee the innovation and continuous updating of the projects.
MUBA is a founding partner of Hands on! International - Associazione Europea dei Musei dei Bambini and is part of ICOM (International Council of Museums).

Cinzia Cattoni

Board of Directors
Mariella Bottino, Cinzia Cattoni, Ginevra Macchi, Barbara Merati

Executive Committee
Cinzia Cattoni, Barbara Merati, Mariella Bottino


Creative Director
Barbara Merati

Administration Office
Cristian Leonardi

Education and Didactic Responsable
Alessandra Bocchi

Progetto Remida, stage e tirocini
Alice Cagna

Art Director
Francesco Dondina

Direttore operativo
Mariella Bottino

Bandi e finanziamenti pubblici
Matthias Reuter

Relazioni esterne e Fundraising Aziende
Cinzia Cattoni

Communication and Press Office Director
Emanuela Borromeo

Events and public relation
Silvia Vergani

Scuole e relazioni con il pubblico
Silvia Valenti
Valentina Pozzoli
Matteo Paltineri

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  • Francesco Serenthà