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"REMIDA MILANO" Center for creative reuse of corporate waste materials (2-5 years old)

The creative reuse center "REMIDA Milan" welcomes children accompanied by their families for experimentation and fun research together with company waste materials!

From 2 to 5 years old

from 2nd to 4th of June, 2022
18th and 19th of June, 2022
25th and 26th of June, 2022

75 minutes


REMIDA, conceived in Reggio Emilia in 1996, is a project of the "Istituzione Nidi e Scuole d'Infanzia del Comune di Reggio Emilia" and "Iren Emilia", managed by the Fondazione Reggio Children and the Centro Loris Malaguzzi. Around this experience, the REMIDA network  was born, which today consists of 14 centers around the world, of which REMIDA MILAN  is a part.  


REMIDA MILANO is the center for creative reuse of corporate waste materials opened by MUBA in 2010. It is a place where discarded materials from industrial and craft production are transformed into valuable creative resources. Unstructured and salvaged materials of a  wide variety of types are collected and arranged in the space to reinvent their use and  meaning. 


MUBA's staff of educators - composed of professionals with backgrounds ranging from psychology, theater, pedagogy, art and science - fosters the process of play and and is  available to participants for in-depth discussions on the REMIDA project.

Adults are invited to actively participate, not just to play but to get involved! At REMIDA MILANO we all play without shoes!  




REMIDA MILANO welcomes back the little audience from 2 to 5 years old by providing a selection of materials that can be used according to everyone's age and taste.

Rubber, colorful fabrics, spools and tubs full of materials become possibilities for play and experimentation to foster the development of cognitive, motor and creative skills important  in early childhood.  



REMIDA MILAN ages 2 to 5 awaits you:

- from Thursday, June 2 to Saturday, June 4, 2022

- Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19, 2022  

- Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26, 2022  




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Inside the museum, is strongly recommended to wear a surgical mask or FFP2 mask.

Children participate under the full responsibility of the accompanying adults.

At Remida we play without shoes to minimize contamination from outside. 




Are children under the age listed allowed?
A child under the age will not be allowed to participate in the activity for safety reasons. If the child under the allowed age accompanies a sibling on target for the booked activity then he/she does not pay admission and stays in the arms or stroller (does NOT participate in the activity).

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