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"COLORE" playful exhibition for children (2-7 years old)

Discovering colours with the five senses!

Come and discover the world of ... Colour!

From 2 to 7 years old

Friday 24 May 2024
Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May 2024
Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 June 2024
Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June 2024
Friday 14 June 2024
Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June 2024

Sat. - Sun.:10am | 11.30am | 2.30pm | 4pm
Friday (non-holiday): 5pm

75 minutes - Limited number shift

Weekends and holidays:
Child: €10 (+€1 prev.)
Adult: €8 (+€0.50 prev.)

Friday (non-holiday):
Child: €9 (+€1 prev.)
Adult: €7 (+€0.50 prev.)


Families are divided into groups and accompanied inside the guided exhibition-game Colour to discover four interactive installations.

The tour is guided and each installation includes an initial story time by the educator that precedes the play phase. In Colour we all play together, adults and children, and without shoes!




The exhibition-game 'Colour' is a journey to experience colours and light and the emotions that these are able to arouse. The ability to use colours and light properly is not a gift of nature, but is the result of correct education. Like music, colour has many dimensions (physical, synaesthetic, emotional and symbolic) and it is important to learn to discover them from pre-school age.


The course is designed to enrich children's sensory vocabulary, to strengthen cognitive processes and understand synaesthesia, which today is at the the focus of cognitive science research and are considered fundamental for the development of future technologies.


Children will experience the world of colour and its different dimensions; They will discover that colours can be light and dark, neutral and saturated, soft and scented but also cold and quiet, and that light, interacting with surfaces can change their colours until they disappear.




Colour, the play exhibition from 2 to 7 years awaits you: 


  • Friday 24 May: 17.00
  • Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May 2024: 10.00 | 11.30 | 14.30 | 16.00
  • Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 June 2024: 10.00 | 11.30 | 14.30 | 16.00
  • Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June 2024: 10.00 | 11.30 | 14.30 | 16.00
  • Friday 14 June: 17.00
  • Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June 2024: 10.00 | 11.30 | 14.30 | 16.00


Tickets for Summer Holidays activities are available from Tuesday 18th June at 10 am. 
Tickets go on sale month by month.







Can children under the specified minimum age participate?
It is strongly discouraged to allow a child under the minimum age to participate in the activity, as the set-up is specially designed for ages 2-7. 
A child under the recommended age who accompanies a family member in the target group will not be required to purchase an entrance ticket but may only participate as an accompanying person. 
To make the visit easier, it may be helpful for you to use a baby carrier to carry your younger child.

Do you have other dates on your calendar?
MUBA publishes activities once a month. We encourage you to sign up for the newsletter so you can stay up to date on upcoming dates or check the calendar on the website.

Can children or adults enter alone?
The presence of at least one adult for every 3 children is mandatory. Adults are responsible for the children they accompany. Adults who do not accompany children will not be admitted to the activities.

I had a problem during purchase. What can I do?
For problems with your online purchase, we encourage you to contact the Midaticket ticketing service, which MUBA relies on for all its activities, at