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Discovering colours by playing with light!

Come and discover the world of ... Colour!

From 2 to 6 years old

From May 10th 2017 to 6th of January 2019

75 minutes - Limited number shift

Why... Colour!

The "Colour" exhibition was created with the aim of bringing children closer to the world of colours and light through an exciting, active and sensorial path.


The ability to properly use colours is not a gift of nature but it is the result of a proper education. Like music, colour has some harmonious rules, and it is important to learn them since the preschool age. Understanding color means learning to see; knowing how to see provides new keys to reading reality.


The interactive exhibition is divided into four different installations, created by MUBA and Francesca Valan, an italian Colour Designer, with the support of professionals in the art, illustration and photography industry.


Every installation has therefore is focused on a particular aspect of colour and light, with the aim, through experience and play, to discover and experience the scientific phenomena that govern this particular relationship. 


During the experience, adults and children will be accompanied by our educators to the discovery of interactive gaming installations.


Inside the exhibition you will play without shoes, we recommend the use of non-slip socks!





Light commands colour” installation is dedicated to sinesthesia or how the colours are perceived. Twelve large cylinders of suspended fabric, where children can experience the relationship between light and colour. The experience is enhanced by suggestions through the many different materials at the base of each tube. Photographer Massimiliano Tappari contributes to the installation with several black and white shots that become playful round cards.


Out of the shadows!" installation is dedicated to RGB or how light is (un)made. Shadows are always grey? Would they have the same effect? The world of light can give you unexpected surprises and different colours can hide unexpected scenarios. In this suspended box, children have the opportunity to play with coloured lights, observing their coloured shadow on the walls. Creative Mao Fusina has chosen for this installation special palettes of different materials and shapes to create and play with new shadows.


"What an eye!" Is dedicated to vision or how different "looks" exist in nature. What does change in our vision? Living beings all look the same way - but do we all see the same colours? Children play in different tubes discovering how a fish, a horse, a cat and many other animals see, learning how the same landscape can be seen in very different colours. The illustrations are made by the illustrator Nina Cuneo, co-founder of Studio Armad’illo.


Where are you hiding?” is dedicated to mimesis or how there is always a purpose behind a colour. In this installation you can enter the suspended box and observe a surreal and fantastic landscape, rich with details and overlapped images, that comes to life and changes according to the colourful light used to illuminate the illustrations. Children can play hide-and-seek wearing a vest on which three different types of animals are drawn, each associated with an RGB colour (red, green and blue). The illustrations are made by the creative duo Carnovsky.


Buy your ticket online or at the ticketoffice until there are no place left. The visits are organized at fixed hours of entrance and with limited number shift!  We suggest you to check the availability online.